Penne pasta with chicken

For those dreaded moments when hunger strikes but you don’t want to invest too much time, we have the perfect recipe, ready to be served before you’re even done saying “pasta”!

Al you need is a portion of penne pasta from Novita Bio, chicken breast, cream, Parmesan, parsley and some condiments to spice things up and add a bit of flavor and color. Naturally, a good mood and a big appetite help in having a fun, culinary adventure as well as being the secret ingredient that turns every meal into a super meal!

Start by mixing a bit of salt and pepper with the garlic powder, as well as a bit of oregano and chilly powder, after personal taste and resistance to heat. After assuring that you’ve found the perfect magical combination made (or cooked?) for you, equally sprinkle the condiments with care, over the four pieces of chicken breast The coating will form a crispy exterior, rich in subtle textures, which will then be fried in the pan, accompanied by the flavor of the olive oil over which you can melt a few pieces of butter which will immediately fill your kitchen with the most tantalizing aroma. In the meanwhile, you can let the pasta boil alongside your process, simply adding a bit of salt and nothing more!

After the pan has heated up sufficiently, the crackle of the oil letting you know that the opportune moment has arrived, let the chicken breast fry equally on each side. After its golden, delicious color, you can tell when it’s time to move on to the next step: preparing the sauce. The pieces of chicken are temporarily removed from the pan and cut into small pieces, patiently waiting to meet the famous sauce in mere moments.

Add a bit of garlic in the pan for it to lightly roast, and then add cream over it and mix it all together until it forms a smooth, creamy texture. Then, add the chicken breast pieces that you’ve just finished cutting, as well as the Parmesan that has always been a best friend to each and every one of us.

To give it a bit of color now is the time to add the parsley that we’ve mentioned, mixing it alongside the other ingredients.

Because the pasta should be done cooking by now as well, pour them quickly over the sauce. By now you should be familiar with the combining and blending process, and our pasta from the Bio assortment is made from 100% ecological durum wheat flour, offering you the necessary portion of nutrients and energy for a day. Because of their cylindrical shape, the penne pasta helps retain the sauce both on the inside as well as the outside, for the perfectly balanced and flavored bite. In just a few moments, you’ve reached the final step of the recipe and all that needs to be done now is find yourself a comfortable spot to enjoy a steaming serving of delicious pasta.

And this is where our culinary adventure ends for today! All you have to do now is find a bowl the size of your appetite and arm yourself with your most beloved fork. Bon appétit!