Alfredo pasta with shrimp and baby spinach

When you want to spoil yourself while simultaneously spend as little time possible confined in a kitchen, we’ve prepared the most ideal and flavorful recipe to surprise even the biggest skeptic stomach out there!

Armed with 300g of shrimp, 2 cloves of garlic and 1 serving of tagliatelle pasta made from 100% ecological durum wheat flour from the Bio Novita assortment, you can say “3,2,1, go!” and start preparing the sauce while the pasta has time to boil away happily. The race for the most delicious meal has now started!

The magic of this tagliatelle pasta relies in the fact that it can capture every single component of the sauce, due to it’s flat surface that easily retains the aroma. And in just 6 to 8 minutes it’s already done and ready to be served!

Created in 1914 by a simple Italian man who wanted to find the perfect recipe for the love of his life, his wife, the Alfredo sauce is one of the most well known, widespread and savored sauces associated with pasta, maintaining its position firmly for years and years consecutively. Now, combined with shrimp and baby spinach in this playful reinterpretation of the celebrated recipe, we’ve found the ideal blend for everyone!

Add a bit of butter, olive, oil and the garlic we’ve previously mentioned, fine-cut, over which you can add the small and round shrimp until they catch a nice, crisp color which will leave you and your stomach hungrier and more eager than ever.

In the remaining sauce from the pan, after you’ve temporarily removed the small circles of flavorful meat, mix 500g of baby spinach with a bit of cut up onion and 400g of cooking cream. Being an incredibly rich source for nutrients, as well as having a high level of both vitamin A and K, baby spinach is the minimum dose of calories that only brings benefits and delights.

Usually, we’d say that the proof is in the pudding, but this time it’s all about the blending, so mix boldly and with confidence, guided by the smooth color and heavenly texture of the sauce.

All that needs to be done now is to add the boiled pasta and Parmesan, alongside the freshly made shrimp. Parmesan is always a good choice, so here we’re going to let you decide what the appropriate serving portion should be. From timidly sprinkling it over for a subtle note that lingers on your lips and to drowning your pasta in a hot, melting cascade of cheese, any amount is welcome in this culinary equation!

Pick your favorite utensils, make yourself comfortable, and bon appétit!