About Us

A family, a business, an exceptional brand.


Starting production in 1994 in the Transylvanian country of Satu Mare, we've transformed our passion for the art of creating pasta and elevated it to a more complex level, so that we could share with you every new discovery and every new product. .


We offer a varied range of pasta for both the gourmet or a professional palate, as well as those who simply want a taste of something new. From our 100% ecological pasta collection and to our more traditional assortment that contains a diverse type of pasta made from eggs, your options will never be limited with us by your side.


We always choose the highest quality ingredients, opting for both flour and eggs that come from local farms with which we collaborate. Our products don't contain any artificial dyes or additives, and the classic texture of the pasta, as well as their natural, rich flavor are the reason and the proof that have guided us along this journey.


The Novita brand was first born in the heart of a family, starting off as a simple culinary experiment that would soon extend and reach each and every one of your homes.

Combining the passion, attention to detail and experience we have accumulated over the years with our modern equipment and the new options added to our range of products, we have managed to firmly keep our position on the Transylvanian market, as well as other regions. .